Happy New Year!! It’s 2020!!

Welcome to a New Decade!

Hey Y’all!! Welcome to 2020! Can y’all believe we’ve entered into a new decade? I remember when we were all freaked out about Y2K and that feels like yesterday! This year my goals are simply self love and self care. That includes actually working out (something I’m terrible at), meditation, seeing my girlfriends more, bettering my relationship if that’s possible, reading more (something else I’m terrible at), and lots of other things!

What are y’all planning for the New Year? Whatever it is, just remember not to be too hard on yourself! Speaking of goals, one of Jeff’s is to try and hop on the Whole Food Plant Based train with me! What a great boyfriend, right? So today, like all my wonderful Instagram followers voted on and asked for, I’m going to be adding two new posts under the Whole Food Plant Based Journey tab! My New Year’s recipes. I hope y’all like them and have the best New Year’s Day anyone could ever have! Best Wishes!