The Side Dish You Won’t Regret!

Brussels and Carrots! This would make a great side or meal!

Brussel sprouts and carrots! Not a side dish/meal I thought I would’ve ever even eaten, much less enjoyed! Brussel sprouts just look gross to me to be honest!! Then my sister, Stephanie, had to go and make them taste good! Haha! She got my man addicted to them and that’s how this dish came about! I was trying to figure out how to cook these to get Jeff more into my new lifestyle, and I ended up making a dish I enjoyed too! The seasoning and roasting the veggies mix so well together and give it a salty and garlic type flavor with just a hint of sweetness from the carrots! So good! The recipe is under the Whole Food Plant Based Journey tab under the menu or click the link below! Let me know how y’all like it!! Hope y’all ENJOY!!

Update on This New Lifestyle!

Happy Plants!

I’m not going to lie, blogging about this experience has made it SO much easier to transition than before because I feel a responsibility to stick to it! So THANK Y’ALL!!! I’m learning all about different kinds of teas, veggies, fruits, and I honestly don’t miss the meat! Even Jeff is trying to embrace this new lifestyle! I feel more energized, I don’t hate myself every single time I’m finished eating, and I’m able to find options at restaurants a lot more easily than expected!

My Mom is an angel, so she got me a bunch of books on plant based eating! So sweet! Jeff and I have been trying and creating new recipes for y’all so be sure to stay updated under the Whole Food Plant Based Journey tab for new recipes! Like last night’s Tastier Taco Tuesday! So yum if I do say so myself!

Tastier Taco Tuesday

The other night Jeff and I watched the new documentary on Netflix called, The Game Changers…Oh my gosh…SO GOOD!! If you’re trying to talk your significant other into trying this new lifestyle watch THIS ONE! Inspirational! Have y’all seen it?

*This is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by The Game Changers. These are my own opinions*

The best part of this lifestyle, for me, is looking forward to cooking a meal and knowing I’m going to feel better, help the enviornment, animals, and still WANT to cook!! So far I’m hooked!!