Welcome to Life’s In Bloom

Hey Y’all! Welcome to Life’s In Bloom!

I’m Nicole! I thought for my first post, I’d explain why I chose to create Life’s In Bloom. I have a disease called Epilepsy, a seizure disorder, and medication and all that fun stuff just doesn’t work for me. I’m so lucky, right? I am the type of person who chooses to deal with my disease with laughter, because, well frankly life is more fun that way! Anyway, so I was binge watching Netflix documentaries and I came across one about a vegan/plant based diet. I couldn’t believe what was happening to those poor animals! What really sucked me in though, was how many sick people had been able to reduce or even stop their medications once they started this lifestyle! Um….count me in! I had to give it a try! So I decided to create Life’s In Bloom so any and every one could go on this adventure with me (or at least laugh at, what I feel, is going to be the hardest thing I’ve ever done)! I realize that some people couldn’t care less about becoming vegan, so we’re also going to talk about things like fashion, makeup, and any other things y’all like! If you have any questions, comments, collabs, or suggestions leave them in the comment section below or email me at: Nicole@lifesinbloom.com


I can’t wait to hear from y’all and get to know everyone!